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Festoon Lighting

Also known as String Lights, Circus Lights and Christmas Lights, Festoon Lighting is as beautiful to look at as the light that it produces. Used extensively in the film and television industries, Festoon can be used to create an atmosphere and evoke a sense of grandeur, or for a more intimate setting, dimmed down to produce a warm glow similar to candle light.

Ideal for lighting barns, marquees, halls and even outdoors between trees and along pathways. Festoon Lighting is very flexible and can be rigged to compliment the shape and size of any venue.

Design & Installation

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne & Gateshead, we provide Festoon Lighting for weddings, events and installations across the North East of England.

Zig-zags, parallel lines, dense canopies, random clusters, ceiling to floor features, vintage bulb displays. Our lighting designers will work with you to create the look you want.

Get in touch for a quote. Call us on 0191 265 5111, or email us at hello@festoonlightinghire.uk

Product Range

Rubber Festoon Harness

All of our Festoon harness has a weatherproof IP44 rating and is suitable for outdoor use. Our cables are terminated with discrete connectors that allow them to be extended as needed.

1 bulb per metre: Available in 10 & 20 metre lengths.
2 bulbs per metre: Available in 10 & 20 metre lengths.
3 bulbs per metre: Available in 15 metre lengths.
Prices start from £1.50 per metre. Custom lengths and bulb spacings are available on request.


Festoon - Pendant Adapters

These b22 to e27 pendant adapters allow the use of vintage bulbs with our range of Festoon. They also work well with paper lanterns.

We stock pendant adapters in a range of lengths from 10cm to 2 metres.

Standard Bulbs

15w GLS Clear

15w Golfball Clear

25w GLS Clear


Strand Dim1 single channel dimmers are required for dimming the Festoon. The integrated fader allows you to precisely control the level of light in your venue.

Each dimmer is rated at 10 amps and can dim up to 150 x 15w bulbs or 90 x 25w bulbs.

Rigging and Accessories

Shepherd Hooks - At 1 metre high, our rustic hooks are ideal for supporting festoon outside along pathways.

Paper Lanterns - These lampshades can be used in combination with our pendant adapters. Available in a variety of colours.

Cable Ties - Useful for attaching festoon to existing rigging points.

The Cognac Chandelier

Owing it's name to the Cognac cases that it was made from. The Cognac Chandelier has over 20 individual pendants with vintage braided fabric cable and British brass lampholders. There is a dedicated space for foliage and flowers on top.

The Rustic Backdrop

At 2.4 metres high and up to 6 metres wide, the rustic backdrop is perfect for masking off parts of your venue whilst also providing a unique backdrop. It comes in 1 metre free-standing sections which lock together.

Pendant Clusters

British brass lampholders in bronze or gold with braided fabric cords and vintage bulbs. Each set consists of 4 pendants, up to 10 sets can be linked together for a total of 40 pendants per circuit.

Wireless Uplighters

These battery powered uplighters are small and discrete, free from cables and can be used both inside and out. They are remote controlled, can be set to any colour and last 8 to 12 hours.

We also stock a huge selection of Filament Bulbs

These beautiful hand stitched filament light bulbs emit a warm, luxurious glow. Ranging in size and shape from the classic A19 bulb and popular Edison Squirrel Cage, all the way up to our extra large carbon-filament display bulbs!


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Unit 4 Douglas Court
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Team Valley Trading Estate
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